Sales Process Essentials

DMAI Sales Process Essentials is a one-day workshop that provides foundational support and skills for the professional who is new to the DMO sales environment.

Participants attain a solid foundation of the sales value proposition unique to the DMO culture.  Moreover, the course work provides a seamless transition for professionals who need to both ramp up their DMO knowledge base while grounding their skills in sales essentials.  

Although the course targets essentials, the curriculum takes into account previous business experience that be immediately enhanced.


The one-day course is offered three times per year in February/March (winter), May/June (spring) and November.  Both the winter and spring workshops are held in conjunction with Destination Showcase.


The one-day course fees vary per location, which include: Course materials, deluxe continental breakfasts, breaks, and lunch.

Participant Profile

Since individuals join their DMO starting from different career experiences, the following professionals will value the instruction and content:

  • Individuals who are both new to the DMO environment and sales.
  • Individuals who are new to the DMO environment and have at least two years of sales experience from another industry.
  • DMO associates who are re-entering sales and need a review of the DMO sales fundamentals.

Learning Methods

  • Pre-work assignments that set-up a deeper dive into designated content 
  • Interactive discussions through direct application of techniques and skills 
  • Peer exchange to initiate mentoring and coaching for ongoing development 

Learning Objectives

DMO sales industry-specific tools and best practices to immediately impact your organization’s bottom-line:  

  • DMO Landscape: Structure, Environment, and Resources
  • Taking a Look: Inside Out
  • The DMO Sales Process:  What Exactly are We Selling Anyway?
  • Qualifying:  Establishing Your relevance to Planners and Your Destination Partners
  • Prospecting
  • Handling Objections
  • Making Your Mark