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Webinar Playback: 5 Ways to Step Up Green Meeting Practices

With a steadily growing world population and an increasingly “disposable” mentality, our global footprint is threatening more and more of our earth’s resources. As a planner responsible for the impact made by large groups of people, you can actually contribute to a healthier planet by instituting a “green meetings” policy if your organization doesn't already have one.  If you have adopted green initiatives, have you been following the same basic practices for the last few years, or do you constantly look for new ways to broaden your sustainability impact?

In the last decade, most organizations adopted basic green practices for their meetings: separating recyclables from trash, conserving paper by printing on both sides (or eliminating paper handouts altogether), purchasing re-usable name badges, and handing out re-useable water bottles instead of bottled water. However, if you want to make greater strides in reducing your meeting’s footprint on the environment, in our webinar we will explore:

  • Thinking reusable.
  • Thinking dual purpose.
  • Setting a “green” mindset and customizing practice to fit your meeting or event.
  • Choosing vendors who practice environmental sustainability.
  • Using a DMO to make “greening” easier and help you leave any destination better than you found it.


Terri Roberts, Training and Communication, empowerMINT


Amy Frostick, Vice President of J&A Racing
Al Hutchinson, Vice President of Convention Sales and Marketing, Virginia Beach CVB
Kimberlee Dobbins, Sustainability Coordinator, Virginia Beach Convention Center

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