Form a DMO

Destination marketing organizations (DMOs) come in many different forms, but all are the principal organization of a given political division or subdivision that is organized to promote its respective destination to attract visitors and/or to solicit and service conventions.

DMAI recognizes the following bodies as official destination marketing organizations:

  • National Tourism Association (NTA) or Office of Ministry
  • National Tourism Organization (NTO) or National Tourist Board
  • Office of Ministry and National Tourism Board (both above)
  • Provincial Tourism Organization
  • Regional Tourism Organization
  • Tourism Organization
  • City/County Level Tourism & Convention Organization (CVB)
  • City/County Level Tourism Organization (only)
  • City Level Convention Bureau (only)

DMAI offers a complimentary six month trial membership for the DMO in formation. An official letter from the government indicating that the DMO being established is the principal destination marketing organization for its city, county, district, town, township, borough, parrish, metropolitan area, region, state, province, nation or country must accompany trial application. For information, contact DMAI’s membership department.



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