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Sports Module for the Event Impact Calculator

The new Sports Module to the Event Impact Calculator allows DMOs to calculate the impact of sporting events on their destinations in terms of local taxes, jobs supported, and visitor spending.

Introducing the Sports Module

As sporting events become an increasingly important part of group business for DMOs, destinations must measure the economic impact of these events to make the case for growing this sector.

DMAI, with its partner Tourism Economics, an Oxford Economics Company, has begun to meet this need with the inital release of the Sports Module to the Event Impact Calculator.

DMAI and Tourism Economics engaged sales professionals representing sports markets in over 25 destinations in developing and testing the Sports Module, and will release the tool to 30 DMOs in October to fully support its adoption and ongoing development in the first month.

What is it?

The Sports Module, like the core Event Impact Calculator measures the economic value of an event and calculates its return on investment to local taxes. Armed with this information, DMOs are better prepared to make the case to policymakers for the ongoing development and growth of the sports sector.

How does it work?

Updated annually, the Sports Module models economic impact based on ten different data sources from attendee, participant, and organizer surveys, venue financial data, and government statistics, in addition to Longwoods International survey results for 5,000 participants and attendees at sporting events, and studies conducted by Tourism Economics on over 150 sporting events.

FlexibleThe Sports Module estimates spending based on not only five different sporting event types, it also takes into account attendance based on direct entry, participants, or admission. Optional entries include costs and contract values associated with the event. If optional information is not provided, the calculator uses industry averages of the city’s cost of doing business for that event size and type.

Localized: The models are based on destination-level data which measure the differences in per diem costs by city. Hotel rates, tax rates, and impact multipliers are unique to each city. Differences in delegate spending across destination types are also captured.

Comprehensive: Direct and indirect impacts are measured for business with key results defined in terms of business sales generated, jobs and personal income supported, and total federal, state, and local taxes generated as a result of the event.

With models and a platform developed by Tourism Economics, an Oxford Economics company, DMAI is making the Sports Module broadly available online and through DMOs' CRM systems through an application programming interface. For more on the integration through your CRM, please contact your solution provider regarding their development schedule.

Rate & Order Information

Through a grant from the Destination & Travel Foundation, the Sports Module is available starting October 1 to 30 DMOs in the first month at a significantly reduced fee.

To order, fax a completed copy of the Event Impact Calculator and Sports Module Order Form accompanied by your destination taxes and assessments information to DMAI at + or email eventimpact@destinationmarketing.org.

Prices listed below are for DMAI members.

DMO Budget

Annual License Fee

  Event Impact Calculator Only Sports Module Only Event Impact Calculator + Sports Module

$3,000,000 and Less




$3,000,001 to $6,000,000




$6,000,001 to $10,000,000




Greater than $10,000,000