100 Years of Advancing Destinations

Recommendations for Ideas and Speaker Nominations

At DMAI’S 2013 Annual Convention over 75 inspiring speakers were included in the program. The 2013 Annual Convention’s, “Better Together” received a 90% attendee satisfaction rating by delivering diverse perspectives and ideas to assist DMOs in developing their destinations as economic drivers.  Plus, the 2013 Annual Convention exceeded all previous attendance records.

As we sharpen our outreach, we won’t rest until we’ve created yet another stellar convention to educate and inform DMAI’s convention attendees as to what’s next in destination marketing.  The 2014 convention is notably important as DMAI celebrates 100 years of advocating for the DMO community and advancing the professional.

Seeking Great Ideas

DMAI asks for innovative content and speakers who will inform, inspire, surprise and delight. DMAI convention speakers, inside and outside of the travel and tourism industry, create demand, influence audiences and solve problems in the marketplace. Some are tried-and-true trusted voices, and others are mavericks seeking an audience with whom to share their innovative notions. 

DMAI invites you to submit nominations for content ideas and speakers ideas for 10 limited slots.  We are looking for experts, thought provoking antagonists, innovators, trusted voices and fresh perspectives from inside and outside the travel industry. 


  • Great stories are more compelling when supported by data, research findings, and user examples presented in an easy to understand format such as infographics, video, etc.  We believe there is strength in numbers.
  • Sessions with actual DMO involvement are looked upon more favorably. 
  • Make sure there are three learning outcomes clearly articulated.

Submission Process

To have your idea or speaker recommendation reviewed, we ask that you complete the Idea/Speaker Nomination Form and submit to Linda Andreani, Director of Professional Development Programs, before January 31, 2014.

We are looking for great ideas from DMO geniuses, change agents, storytellers, big-picture thinkers, technologists that includes the best person to deliver the idea.  (What we’re not looking for:  Business proposals, self-promoters, sales/product pitches, and motivational wannabes).   

Consideration for Participation

A professional speaker’s package of audio visual equipment will be provided for each presentation.  As this opportunity provides for visibility in our industry, DMAI will promote your involvement in the convention through various forms of communication inclusive of social media.  Above these accommodations, DMAI, as a not-for profit, is not in the position to defray costs for honoraria, complimentary registration or travel expenses. 

Concepts to Further Explore

We’re not limited to the concepts below, so feel free to communicate what you think is best suited for DMAI’s 2014 Annual Convention: 

  • Translating trends from outside the travel industry, i.e., retail, consumer brands, to destination marketing and travel Igniting the creative spark that leads to innovation
  • Bridging the Great Divide - Successful collaborations between Sales and Marketing
  • Partner marketing efforts to enhance revenue generation
  • The Trifecta: Winning at Sales, Services and Customer Relationships
  • Talent and human capital’s next shift
  • Harnessing purposeful data
  • Changing engagement dynamics that impact consumer behavior
  • Integrated Marketing Strategies & Social Media’s Next Big Play
  • Marketing + Technology = Customer Experience
  • Next Iteration of Leadership
  • Customization and the one-of-a-kind experience 
  • New trends/business practices that impact key functions, e.g., communications/PR, finance, human resources, research, sales, etc.

Selection Criteria

Per your submission, the review team will be guided by the following criteria: 1) clarity and organization, 2) timeliness of content, 3) audience appeal and 4) presentation format, including audience participation and three specific outcomes gleaned from the session