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MINT+ Training for DMO Sales Professionals, Webinar


In this free webinar, learn how to harness power of detailed records to search and query for more intelligent prospecting, which will ultimately translate to better customer relationships and more room nights.  

The information contained in the MINT database is strengthened each day by additional bookings and histories from over 150 dedicated convention and visitors bureaus. This is an “owner operated” system which requires commitment, but the rewards are abundant, especially as 50% of the meetings in the database have less than 200 rooms on peak nights, making it a valuable resource for your DMO regardless of size.

The MINT+ database is now enhanced by CBIS contacts cleansing and additional meetings and organizational data. 


Kate Skidmore, Subscriber Services and Engagement Manager, empowerMINT.com, DMAI


This is a free online webinar for DMOs that subscribe to the MINT database.

Space is limited, but many times are available. Register for a session below: