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empowerMINT.com for the Meeting Professional

empowerMINT.com is a dedicated website that helps you leverage the resources and expertise of a DMO sales professional throughout the life of your event, whether you're in the initial stages of your search or finishing up with your post-event analysis.

Find Destinations and DMOs Online through empowerMINT
Find Destinations and DMOs Online through empowerMINT

Find the right conference, meeting, and hotel venues for your event by partnering with the most knowledgeable experts in the industry online at empowerMINT.com.

In 2009, DMAI’s long-standing Meetings Information Network database got an upgrade to empowerMINT.com, as a tool that connects you with powerful experts from over 130 top meeting destinations in the US and Canada. For the first time in history, the DMO industry has created a single website for meeting professionals to search multiple destinations and directly contact DMO representatives with their meeting requirements.

What can I do there?

  1. Search and compare meeting needs across multiple destinations.
  2. Save time and money by submitting one RFP or RFI to multiple destinations.
  3. Get answers quickly by contacting individual DMO representatives.
  4. Manage a single profile for unlimited DMOs.
  5. Access real time updates and response statuses on your requests.
  6. Get deals based on destination promotions and hotel group rates for specific dates.
  7. Check the accuracy of your Post Event Report history by reporting DMOs.

How do I get started?

Get connected with the best resource on helping you find the perfect fit for your meeting. Start your search now.

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