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Educator's Toolkit

DMAI Educator Toolkit
DMAI Educator Toolkit

DMAI's Educator Toolkit is designed to help you positively shape the future of the destination marketing industry - your students - through proven classroom and professional develoopment tools and programs.


This ground-breaking book, Fundamentals of Destination Management and Marketing, provides a wealth of must-have information for tourism professionals and academic programs, including professional insights from 18 industry experts. International perspectives are provided from the United Kingdom, Canada and Mexico.

Combined with chapter-by-chapter corresponding PowerPoint slide presentations, this curriculum is the perfect resource for you and your students.

Edited by Rich Harrill, Ph.D., 2005
ISBN 0-86612-266-4


Based on content found in Fundamentals of Destination Management and Marketing, this syllabus provides an overview of relevant topics for students and teachers to follow.

To download the course syllabus, click here.

Presentation Slides

Cut down on preparation time with pre-developed slides based on content found in Fundamentals of Destination Management and Marketing.

DMAI, in cooperation with the American Hotel & Lodging Association Educational Institute, provides these resources to enhance each chapter of the Fundamentals of Destination Management and Marketing course, and encourage you to build on these tools to create a solid course program for the academic term.

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