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Do You Speak "Meeting Planner"?

Speaking to your customers in their language is the best thing you can do to get them to trust you as a business partner, but what exactly does that mean in our world? Because meeting planners are have such limited time to listen to a sales pitch, there are really only two ways to truly grab and hold their attention:

  1. Solve their problem, or
  2. Make them successful.

This year proved to be a great year for empowerMINT, where we dedicated 12 monthly webinars to over 2,000 attendees in order to speak to planners in their language. We addressed 9 of their biggest problems and explained how you, as DMOs, help solve each and every one of them.

In 2013, we kick off the year with the second type of language: making them successful. Our first free webinar teaches meeting planners how to evaluate and engage the best corporate social responsibility programs into their events.

What's more is that we want you, as DMO sales professionals to attend. Learn how to speak "meeting planner" by listening to how empowerMINT shares successful tactics with meeting planners on key issues, and apply this same language to your own business relationships offline.

Access all of our live and recorded webinars at the empowerMINT blog.