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DMAI Collaborates with SourceYourMeeting.com to Provide Enhanced Tool for Meeting Planners

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

WASHINGTON, DC, — Destination Marketing Association International (DMAI) has partnered with SourceYourMeeting.com by incorporating the Destination Finder tool, powered by DMAI’s empowerMINT.com, into the SourceYourMeeting.com software. The result is meeting planners can quickly research and compare destinations and distribute their RFPs to right contacts in the desired destinations. The ability to use destination marketing organizations (DMOs), also known as convention and visitors bureaus (CVBs) – representing destinations, hotels and convention facilities throughout the U.S. and Canada means RFPs get a more targeted distribution, eliminating lead-SPAM.

“SourceYourMeeting.com has helped planners maintain supplier relationships and boost productivity through its web-based software. Our easy-to-use application has established unparalleled efficiency within the planner, DMO, and hotel sales community,” said Peter Hanley, Chief Strategy Officer of SourceYourMeeting.com. “We are adding new functionality regularly that brings even more efficiencies and Destination Finder, powered by empowerMINT.com, is a natural fit for the value-added resources that we provide through the SourceYourMeeting.com platform.”

empowerMINT.com’s Destination Finder offers extensive information on destinations and DMOs, including details on meeting facilities, DMO services, news, promotions and maps of hotels and venues. Meeting planners can also use the tool to submit questions directly to DMO sales professionals serving a particular market, and send specific meeting requests and RFPs to one or multiple destinations.

“I love the efficiencies SourceYourMeeting.com has brought to our RFP process. Our planners are getting the information we require up front instead of searching through hotel proposals and having to follow up for basic information to complete our initial comparisons,” said Kate McCarthy, Director of Logistics at Meeting Management Services, Inc. “We are also able to rely on our CVB and NSO partners to reach qualified hotels, versus having to search for every hotel on our own like with other sourcing platforms. It is convenient to have all the CVB contacts listed right on the site in case I don’t already have a relationship in a particular destination.”

“[SourceYourMeeting.com] is very useful and such an easy tool to use for both planners and us. Big bonus is that RFPs [are] sent to us, and we forward to our members, putting us back in the driver’s seat,” said Maureen Buckley, Director of Sales at Greater Boston Convention and Visitors Bureau.

empowerMINT.com’s latest features include professionally curated news feeds from each destination incorporated directly into their profile page. The feeds keep meeting planners informed about recent renovations, new hotel or facilities development and other offerings specifically relevant to meeting planning.

“Destination sales professionals have had a long history of working with planners to find the right fit for any size meeting. The sales professionals’ unique position as a free resource with unparalleled local expertise, is a tremendous asset for any planner,” said Christine “Shimo” Shimasaki, managing director of empowerMINT for DMAI. “The newly launched Destination Finder through SourceYourMeeting.com’s online software is just one way of making that expertise widely available and integral to the success of meeting professionals worldwide.”


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Joy Lin
Director of Marketing Technology