Wednesday, July 27, 2016
Association Delivers on its Renewed Commitment to Members and Partners; Destination & Travel Foundation to Benefit from Key Relationships

Destination Marketing Association International (DMAI) Chairman Bob Lander and President and CEO Don Welsh today announced four new and enhanced business partnerships that will offer the resources and data its members have determined to be essential to the success of their organizations.  The diverse offerings of these scalable products and services range from credit card processing to measuring the impact of tourism marketing.

“The DMAI Board and leadership team are committed to providing our members and partners with the resources they need and want,” said Lander.  “Don and his team have worked aggressively to identify these value-driven products and services in time for this year’s Annual Convention.”  

As competition for the business and leisure traveler continues to increase, it has become increasingly important for destination marketing organizations to have buying power to access timely, thorough, and accurate data upon which to base critical sales and marketing decisions.  

“DMAI is thrilled to introduce new, relevant and forward-looking opportunities for our members,” said Welsh. I would like to thank Blue Pay, Longwoods International, Miles and SDR for their commitment to DMAI and to our industry.”  

Representatives from the following organizations will be on-site in the marketplace at the Business Exchange during the Annual Convention and available to share further details.

Blue Pay, an award-winning credit card processing company, combines advanced technology with sophisticated security, ultimately delivering fast, simple, and feature-rich payment processing.  This new offer provides for a turnkey and merchant-friendly option to DMAI members and to members of DMOs who rely on credit card processing.  Proceeds from the program will benefit the Destination and Travel Foundation.

Longwoods International, a leading tourism market research firm and longtime DMAI partner, is enhancing its existing partnership with DMAI by offering exclusive pricing to new and existing customers for two studies – Travel USA® and Halo Effect.  

Travel USA is the largest ongoing annual survey of American travelers with a sample size of more than 330,000 trips in 2015.  This will provide DMAI members with a complete visitor profile for their city or region. Halo Effect measures, for the first time, the impact of tourism marketing and visitation on a destination’s image beyond tourism. The data included in this study builds off the research presented by Longwoods’ representatives at DMAI’s 2015 Annual Convention.  Longwoods International will contribute a portion of the proceeds of new business developed through this program to the Destination & Travel Foundation, to help assess and meet the needs of destinations and the broader travel and tourism industry. 

Miles, a premier partner with DMAI, is now the association’s communications and branding partner.  DMAI and Miles will work collaboratively to strengthen DMAI’s brand messaging and positioning, develop a communications plan that supports DMAI’s initiatives and redevelop the associations’ existing communications vehicles.  This includes revamping DMAI’s website, social media channels, email marketing and more to ensure a solid communication platform to members and the industry.

Strategic Data Resources (SDR), the provider of TAP products, and another longtime DMAI partner, is developing the TAP Data Source, a new report available to hotel chains, asset managers, and financial analysts.  This new set of analytics is poised to be the trusted source for those whom require a market strength assessment as they consider expansion and/or new development in a particular destination. For DMOs who authorize use of their destination-specific data, they will receive a special DMAI discount should they wish to purchase SDR’s DMO Analytics package.  A significant portion of the proceeds from the sale of this new product to industry partners will be donated to the Destination & Travel Foundation, allowing the Foundation to continue supporting DMAI initiatives aimed at advancing the DMO industry through education, research and best practices.