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Destination Marketing Association International Launches Landmark DestinationNEXT Project

Monday, July 21, 2014

Few industries are the subject of such widespread conversation and analysis as the tourism industry and destination marketing. With over 1 billion people traveling internationally each year and with one out of every 11 jobs supported by tourism, thousands of communities are enriched because of the industry. It is imperative that DMOs and the industry not take anything for granted as destination marketing organizations (DMOs) prepare to ensure they have community-embraced tourism in their destinations.

This is where today’s DMOs find themselves – destination leaders charged with collaboratively activating a community vision fortourism in a high-stakes, hyper-competitive global marketplace, with an incredible pace of change. As Destination Marketing Association International (DMAI) celebrates its 100th anniversary, the organization commemorates the milestone by with the release of a landmark project entitled DestinationNEXT: A Strategic Roadmap for the Next Generation of Global Destination Marketing. This vital piece of research, funded through a grant from the Destination & Travel Foundation, aims to chart the landscape for destination marketing for the next century.

“The timing for DestinationNEXT is ideal,” said Michael Gehrisch, President and CEO of DMAI. “The ability for DMOs to make a difference has never been greater, and the need for leadership action has never been more compelling.”

Over 300 destination marketing organizations, representing 36 countries, along with more than 30 business partners shared their input on the future of our industry. The resounding consensus was that the future is full of opportunity. Three key areas of opportunity rose to the surface: adoption of technology and social media, destination branding, and economic development.

 “Of course, every DMO is unique, with different budgets, brands and communities, and therefore a “one size fits all” approach is inappropriate,” said Paul Ouimet, Executive Vice President, InterVISTAS Consulting Group. “Therefore strategies and solutions will be provided for a range of DMOs based on their unique attributes.”

This phase 1 report from DestinationNEXT is designed to assist DMOs when considering their current position in the globally competitive tourism industry as well as preparing for activating the necessary transformational strategies on the phase 2 road map. Based upon these opportunities the DestinationNEXT project will look to provide strategies and organizational prototypes for DMOs to achieve future success.

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