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Compensation and Benefits Study FY2015

About the Study

The Compensation and Benefits Study is comprehensive review designed to bring DMAI members the information they need to see compensation trends specific to the destination marketing industry, and provide insurance and benefits comparative information your DMO can use to make crucial business decisions.

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To begin submitting information for your organization, you must:

Log into DMAI's member portal.
If you don't have one or are not sure, please contact Charles Jeffers at research@destinationmarketing.org.

Be approved to enter data.
Most Presidents, VPs and Directors of Finance and Human Resources should automatically have approval. If you find upon logging in that you do not, please contact Charles Jeffers at research@destinationmarketing.org.

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How It Works

  1. The window for data collection for North American DMOs only is from September 12 to September 30, 2016.
  2. Respond to at least 50% of the questions for your DMO.
  3. Upon completion of data collection and analysis, anyone approved by the CEO to view their organization against industry results will be able to access dynamic comparisons and personalized reports and charts for free.
  4. Download the Quick Start Guide to help you get started with your survey. 

Questions Asked

This study collects information on staffing and benefits, aggregated base salary and compensation information for multiple DMO job functions, and detailed data on benefits programs. We strongly recommend that you use the List of Survey Questions to compile your information before starting the survey.

Download the list.


Aggregating compensation and benefits data from hundreds of DMOs allows you to compare your organization operations to that of your peers. Individual DMO information is not revealed. Users will only be able to see their organization results in comparison with industry averages.

Download sample results.


For assistance or more information, please contact Charles Jeffers at research@destinationmarketing.org.