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Cash in on Corporate: New Media Coop Opportunity with Chief Executive

DMOs have traditionally relied on industry associations for access to the elusive corporate market. But one of the biggest problems is that industry organizations are a small representation of the broader corporate market for two reasons:

  1. The majority of corporate planners do not have meeting planner titles.
  2. Many meetings actually don’t go through the meetings department.

Therefore in 2012, empowerMINT teamed up with Chief Executive to educate professional and non-professional planners about the value of working with a DMO. DMAI is continuing this media partnership with Chief Executive to educate top management executives about who DMOs are and our role in helping choose and develop successful CSR programs.

Chief Executive has a readership of 42,000 CEOs, presidents, chairmen, vice-chairmen and other executives, and they have found that 80% of CEOs are actively involved in location selections for company off-sites, meetings, and retreats; and they pass along content to other staff members.

In their most popular May/June edition, which includes findings for the “Best & Worst States to Do Business,” the destination marketing industry has a unique opportunity to blanket “The CEO Guide to Meetings & Retreats” supplement with DMO ad buys, as this supplement advocates for our industry in three ways:

  1. Incorporates content on the value of using a DMO in the editorial.
  2. Contains a side bar on facts about who DMOs are.
  3. Publishes an empowerMINT article on CSR initiatives.

The DMO industry will continue engaging in this kind of on-going exposure, and part of that is dominating the advertising in this supplement, so corporate executives understand DMOs, and how and why to utilize DMO services. There is great impact in educating from the top down. Messaging in this supplement will focus on CSR, a topic that executives are highly interested in, and will specifically explain how the DMO adds value in this area.

The full page insertion rate has been dropped from $23,635 to $10,000 for DMAI members, and the material deadline is March 15.

Learn more about this opportunity with Chief Executive. Contact Phillip Wren directly at pwren@chiefexecutive.net.