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2013: The Year in Review in Destination Marketing

Posted: December 09, 2013
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Man that was fast! Seems like only yesterday we were closing the file on 2012 and looking ahead to 99 years of destination marketing in 2013!

Fast forward 12 months and here we are again looking to celebrate 100 years of destination marketing as we bring 99 years and 2013 to a close. It was a year of milestones, product launches, certifications, and packed events to say the least, and 2014 is going to be even bigger!

I could sit here and name all of the things we accomplished this year but we'd be here for a while, so I will let our latest video piece do the talking for me. Thanks to our friends over at Apple Box Studios, for their help in producing this awesome video!

Be sure to stay up-to-date with us this year and register for all of the events we have coming up in first quarter 2014 such as:

What was your favorite moment in destination marketing for 2013? Let us know and leave your comments in the box below!