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Who Are You, and Why Are You Calling Me Again?

Author: Joy Lin
Posted: January 22, 2013
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How many times have we had to justify ourselves to a potential customer when making a sales call? It's frustrating to:

  1. Explain what a CVB/DMO is,
  2. Show how your destination is a good fit, and
  3. Explain how you will be able to help them.

Well, trust me, you're not alone.

According to Colleen Francis, Founder and President of Engage Selling Solutions, only 3% of all new sales transacted result from an outbound sales call from a salesperson to a buyer. Sweet heavens!

She goes on to explain that in this day and age, "prospects largely control sales qualification and solution development, because they have a better understanding of what they're looking for and what's available on the market than they ever have before. Therefore, as a DMO sales person, you and your team are responsible for getting engaged and helping guide your potential client along the process -- whether or not they choose your destination in the end.

You're greatest opportunities are:

  1. Identify the meeting professionals whose events are a good match for your destinations,
  2. Be a true partner by helping them through the destination selection and event planning process,

all so that they ultimately understand that your destination is the best fit for their needs.

To help you, DMAI offers a solution in the form of the Meetings Information Network (MINT) Database whose records include only meeting planners from various industries and sectors -- all of whom have worked with a DMO in the past -- their events' dates, number of attendees, room nights generated, and other spending data.

You therefore are better armed to know how far in advance to contact and begin assisting a prospect with a particular event need to fill.

In the end, we don't want to waste a meeting planner's time by shooting blindly into the dark. And we don't want to waste yours by having you go after dead-end prospects.

That's why the empowerMINT team is dedicated to consistently improving the content of the MINT Database with the unflagging assistance from our administrators at all 145 DMOs and integration with four CRM solution providers: iDSS, SMI, simpleview, and Ungerboeck.

For more information and training on qualifying your prospect list, please contact Terri Roberts at troberts@destinationmarketing.org.