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When One Planner Brags about You to 600 of their Friends

Author: Joy Lin
Posted: April 22, 2013
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This is what happens when you blog with DMAI's empowerMINT team. Every month, we get nearly 600 unique visitors reading a planner explain in their own words how you, as the experts of your destination, have helped them find the best -- well, everything -- from venues to services to transportation, and all for free.

Testimonials provide us clues into what we are “buying into,” be it a new product, service, experience, or connection. The power of a recommendation from someone in the same business is even greater, which is why the empowerMINT team continuously provides the opportunity for you to share your testimonials with us – and we share them with meeting professionals, far and wide.

It’s simple:

  1. DMAI gives you a few questions to answer from your own experience.
  2. Find a planner who loves you and your destination, and ask him or her to do the same.

After compiling your answers, DMAI works directly with you and your meeting planner to complete two short and sweet blog posts that not only showcase your destination, but also the support and expertise you provide.

Because nothing speaks to planners better than peer-to-peer insight and recommendation, we make this content available in a variety of formats, under “Planner Perspective” and “CVB Voice” on our blog; pushed out to other places planners visit online like newsletters, LinkedIn, and industry partner sites; and help you repurpose them into your own customized e-books for your own database and distribution.

While empowerMINT subscribers enjoy this kind of marketing exposure at no cost, as it is included in our mission to promote the value of using a CVB to the meetings community, we as the empowerMINT staff are always thrilled to provide insight and advice to any industry organization seeking to expand their reach in destination sales.

Contact Terri at troberts@destinationmarketing.org today to get started.