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Webinar Replay: The Growing Landscape of Tourism Improvement Districts

Author: Guest Civitas Advisors, Inc.
Posted: November 25, 2014
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Tourism improvement districts (TID) are one of the fastest growing funding mechanisms for destination marketing organizations and a unique crossroads for destination promotion and local economic development.

As 124 destinations in 9 states now receive funding through a TID, join DMAI and Civitas Advisors, Inc. in hearing the results from the first ever national survey of TIDs.

In case you missed the live broadcast, hear John Lambeth, largely considered an architect of the TID model, and Carl Ribaudo of Strategic Marketing Group as they share insights on this important source of stable funding for destination marketing.


John Lambeth, President, Civitas Advisors, Inc.
Carl Ribaudo, President, Strategic Marketing Group

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Michael Gehrisch, President/CEO, DMAI