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Webinar Recap: Putting Heads in Beds - Measuring and Optimizing Outcomes in Destination Marketing

Author: Guest Rocket Fuel
Posted: October 31, 2014
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The relationship between destination advertisers and measurement is a tenuous one. With no actual booking system in place, many of them must rely on end-of-year tourism data, spend data, and proxy metrics such as signups to “receive more information” to quantify success—indirect metrics with only vague correlation to actual success. But Rocket Fuel’s Digital Tourism & Travel Study shows our ability to measure and optimize for meaningful campaign success for DMO and travel advertisers, including online travel agencies (OTAs), airline, and hotel advertisers.

By examining a sample of data from travel advertisers partnering with Rocket Fuel between April and June 2014, focusing on a mix of large destination advertisers, our Marketing Research team got a surprising look into how consumers exposed to destination advertising are driven to conversion, and how this data can boost the performance of future advertising programs.

The ability to follow consumers’ exposure to DMO advertising through to conversion is a powerful new KPI for DMOs. With the correct setup, Rocket Fuel can identify whether consumers who converted on a partner site were exposed to travel and DMO advertising prior to that booking. If they booked travel to the destination being advertised, we can see how much was spent on the booking, and—in the right circumstances—the length of the trip.

The findings also show that consumers exposed to tourism advertising are 55% more likely to book travel to the advertised destination than consumers who don’t see the ads. They also book trips that are 81% longer on average (4.5 days vs. 2.5 days) to the destination, while spending an average of 41% more money on their bookings.

Additionally, consumers are 147% more likely to convert with multiple exposure points. Higher conversion rates evidence the symbiotic relationship between tourism/destination advertising and hotel/OTA/airline ads, enabling a win-win across the travel ecosystem.

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