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Author: Joy Lin
Posted: October 09, 2013
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It's been about three years since the South Shore Convention and Visitors Authority in Indiana released its YouTube video telling a story of how tourism ultimately changed a city historically driven by heavy industry.

Like many destinations, the local DMO started off with a pittance of a budget and slowly worked its way to hosting celebrated national events from business to sports to gaming, improving its tourism product and tourist experiences that eventually led to hundreds of millions in economic impact and sustains tens of thousands of jobs today.

Since then, the power and convenience of using video has only grown. Studies have shown that when it comes to content types, video has quickly gained ground, getting the second highest levels of engagement by marketing respondents over white papers, case studies, and live demos.

I think this is an important development when engaging with our community stakeholders. Though we are very often client-facing when it comes to sales and marketing in the meetings industry, let's not turn a blind eye to opportunities that further develop the very assets that make us so good at selling our destinations: our in-market relationships.

I'm particularly a fan of VisitPittsburgh's whimsical cartoon, "Barney Brings His Business to the Burgh" that walks community stakeholders through all the steps that the DMO takes to engage meeting professionals for the end result of generating local economic growth and contributing hundreds of millions to local tax revenue every year.

But why stop there? As we continue to engage our local stakeholders in our overall efforts, there's also chances to use video to educate partners on new tools and resources at their disposal, and it doesn't take a professional animator or executive producers. Choose Chicago's sales team created a quick video tutorial of its lead retrieval system just recently.

And it's things like this that really harness the power of video at all levels of engagement. Not only can it be used at a high level, you can also apply it down to the minute details of the day to day.

To get started, there's plenty of resources to guide you through your first video tutorials or public service announcements:

  1. Check out Jing for capturing screen components for something like Choose Chicago's work.
  2. Play around with video recording equipment at your disposal -- from cell phones and tablets to a Flip or other digital recording device -- and use a service like Camtasia or mobile video editing app.
  3. The key is to start small, think creatively, and have fun with the folks you are shooting for.

Plus, see more examples of advocacy and membership education videos from: