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Using Event Impacts for Transparency and Accountability with TID Partners by Travel Portland

Author: Joy Lin
Posted: November 13, 2014
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In today’s world of datadriven business, DMOs are less than immune from the overwhelming demand from stakeholders for visibility and robust measurement of their performance to ensure that the travel and tourism industry continues to do for its community as the community does for the industry.

Travel Portland takes a proactive approach toward developing its tourism product, notably through a Tourism Improvement District ordinance that passed in 2012, to enhance the Portland area as a destination for meetings and leisure and provide Travel Portland an alternate source of funding directly through the hotel community to promote the region. It is projected that approximately 13.6% of new funds would go towards convention sales and marketing.

Maintaining reliable numbers, therefore, was and continues to be a priority for Travel Portland. And part of that accountability is the need for transparency and reliability as well, which is what fueled the organization to move to the DMO industry standard for estimating the economic impact of events, the Event Impact Calculator.

“The calculator got us out of the game of providing the data. The calculator takes much more into account when determining the estimates than our home-grown formula did, and hence, is more accurate as a consistent industry standard for projecting revenue,” Mike Smith, Vice President of Convention Sales with Travel Portland said.

Learn how this organization has used the Event Impact Calculator for this purpose in the following case study.

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