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Tired of Just Getting Copied on Third Party Leads?

Author: Joy Lin
Posted: April 07, 2014
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Destinations everywhere are seeing their portion of third-party leads on the rise. As a result, the most successful DMOs strike productive working relationships with third-party planners. Those who do not actively work these relationships run the risk of being passed over altogether.

One common scenario that DMO sales professionals commonly face, however, is simply getting copied on a lead. Getting copied may be nice, but we're not exactly given a chance to add value to the conversation.

When we can't add value, we can't influence the business. And when we can't influence the business, we become irrelevant.

And it's time to do something about it.

First, earn a seat at a third-party planner's table.

There are lots of areas where we can assist third-party planners, and here's your chance to learn from a colleague and expert, Nathan Tollett, Director of Sales at the Greater Houston CVB. Nathan will participate as a panelist on this month's free empowerMINT webinar "Improve Your RFP for More Timely, Complete and Competitive Responses."

Listen in as he shows how DMOs from across the U.S. have the localized expertise and in-market relationships to help third-party planners understand the local room demand factors and tailor their RFPs so that they get the attention they deserve most competitive responses.

Utilize these lessons in your own third-party relationships and you will do more than just "get copied" next time.

Second, let your third-party planners see what you can do.

Make more impact than simply sitting on a webinar, you should be sharing it with any and all third-party contacts. Jeannette Alvarez, Director of Account Operations at Experient, will also be a panelist in this month's webinar.

Let your third-party planners hear it from one of their own, that they shouldn't simply be copying you on leads, they should be engaging you for your understanding of the destinations' ins and outs in order to garner the best results for their clients.

So, bottom line: If you're tired of just getting copied, it's time to do something about it. And it's easy. Just register yourself, and encourage your planner contacts to register as well.

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