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Three Things to Note about empowerMINT.com's Refresh

Author: Guest Kate Skidmore
Posted: August 14, 2014
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A common complaint that we hear as DMAI's empowerMINT team from planners is that the overall DMO business experience is not consistent. We're all different in the way we sell, different in the services we offer, different in how we handle leads or how we're funded -- and here's the kicker: many planners would rather just go to someone else than sit and try to figure us all out.

That's a problem, because when planners "go to someone else," it often means that they're sending RFPs directly to vendors without the local expertise, extensive relationship power, or comprehensive view of the destination that DMOs can provide, to help garner the most favorable responses to their RFPs.

So what do planners want when engaging with our channel? Here's a look:

  1. Planners want a more consistent shopping experience from the DMO industry.
  2. Planners want a consolidated place to see what's new and what's in development in our destinations, as well as offers and incentives.
  3. Planners want to make sure their information and history is carried over seamlessly from destination to destination -- instead of having to start over every time with a new city.

With empowerMINT.com, DMAI is providing much of that in one place. The newly redesigned website is built to streamline how planners engage with us.


A redesigned homepage incorporating search, video tutorials and clearly stated advantages of using empowerMINT.com.



High level comparisons of destinations in exportable search results, or contact a DMO from here.


DMO Profile

DMO profile pages displaying destination offers and current news straight off the wire.



Meeting histories available both planner and DMOs. Planners view them through empowerMINT.com, and DMOs query and search in the MINT database.

DMAI's DestinationNEXT study revealed that the perception of value would figure strongly in how meeting planners engage with suppliers, so the empowerMINT team has the resolution to make their experience engaging with DMOs a positive one, and we hope you'll join us.

For more advice and reommendations on how to do that, please contact me at kskidmore@destinationmarketing.org.