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Sneak Peak: December 16th's Convention Sales Forum

Author: Joy Lin
Posted: September 04, 2013
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I can't believe it's 85 degrees in Washington, DC and we're looking toward December already!

All the same, it's an exciting time for current and future leaders of destination sales to gather in our annual Convention Sales Forum in conjunction with the ever-popular Holiday Showcase in Chicago, where you can expect three main opportunities to not only learn from each other, you will expand your own understanding of successful sales practices based on DMAI research into meeting planner insights. Moreover, you'll be empowered to train your own staff back home and guide DMAI's future educational topics for the entire industry.

As Cathy Keller, Director of Sales for the Omaha Convention and Visitors Bureau says, "The value of attending the Convention Sales Forum/Shirtsleeves is the opportunity to network with your peers in a great environment without any distractions. You also gain valuable insight on current trends in the meetings industry. And you may just come back with a couple of great ideas to implement in your sales office."

1. Meeting Planner Insights

DMAI's empowerMINT team is in constant conversations and education with meeting planners face-to-face at industry events, online, and primary research. Moreover, DMAI will be sharing key topics surfaced at our very first industry Meeting Planner Advisory Board set to meet in late September.

Take advantage of our inside look into how they think, the challenges they face, and how you as DMO sales professionals can set them up for success and solidify our reputation as the best first point of contact to find the right fit for any size meeting.

2. Train the Trainer

For the last two years, we've taken an inside out approach to educating our own sales professionals about the dos and don'ts of destination sales based on what we've learned from the meetings community. Not only will you receive education from our established programs, we make sure you don't leave without all the materials to take back and train your own team.

3. Educational Exploration

As your trade association, we value the perspective you have direct from the front lines and challenge you to embark on an exploration with us to shape future educational content for you and your sales team. What is it that you need to be successful? We take your answers seriously and incorporate them into new trainings every year so you're set for success moving forward.

Bonus: Hands-On Discussion

As always we learn best when we learn from each other. This one-day event has the afternoon dedicated to sharing experiences, current practices, surfacing new ideas, and identifying trends along with your peers in destination by budget size and market concerns. With Christine "Shimo" Shimasaki facilitating dialogue, you can be sure to take away more than just names from this meeting.

So even though it's barely September, and the smell of freshly sharpened pencils for school still lingers in the air, I look forward to seeing you for December in Chicago, where you'll learn the latest insights from the meetings community, share your own practices, and engage your own teams back home with industry-changing content. If anything, I'm sure you'll just want to show up to see what kind of costume Shimo ends up pulling out this year.