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Services as the New Sales: What this Means for You

Author: Joy Lin
Posted: January 22, 2013
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We've heard it before: Services are the new sales. But what are people really talking about?

The way I see it, services that happens before the sale can equally impact the desirability of your destination to a meeting professional as services that happen after the sale.

When I talk about services before the sale, I'm not talking about bottomless expense accounts.

I'm talking about providing meeting planners with three services that have nothing to do with money, but can make or break your ability to establish a strong and lasting working relationship with your client:

1. Your bedside manner.

Your bedside manner is a clear indication to the meeting professional whether you view them as a "client for the kill" or a "serious business partner." Understanding their challenges and event goals before looking for solutions is a quite possibly the best service you can render.

2. Your expertise about your destination.

You are the best, first point of contact to help a meeting professional find the best fit for any size meeting. In identifying what they need to accomplish with their event, whether a large city-wide or a single-property meeting, you are sure to arm them with the most up to date information and help them achieve their desired impact.

3. Your familiarity with your services team.

Let's face it. Every DMO is unique, and meeting professionals can't keep straight what we each do differently. So, your familiarity with what your services team will and will not do for a prospective client makes you a very valuable event planning partner. Make sure they don't miss out on key services that your DMO offers.

So what are you waiting for? Amp up your services as a salesperson and set your clients, your services staff, and your destination up for success by sharing this empowerMINT article on the subject with meeting planners today.

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