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Palm Spring's Virtual Trade Show for Planners

Author: Joy Lin
Posted: June 30, 2015
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Earlier in May of this year, the Greater Palm Springs Convention and Visitors Bureau embarked on a unique way of leveraging available technology to bring the "Modern Meeting Oasis" of the Greater Palm Springs destination in California directly to meeting planners.

Labeling the broadcast a virtual tradeshow highlighting Palm Springs offerings to the meetings market, the CVB invited planners to join the event anytime between 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM Pacific Time from the comfort of their desks and learn what's new in Greater Palm Springs from the experts at the CVB, and have live online chats with representatives from the Palm Springs Convention Center and area Hotels/Resorts for a more interactive and engaging experience than a one-way broadcast.

The feedback from clients as well as from the hotel and convention center partners have altogether been extremely positive. Ultimately, 89 unique attendees spent an average of 57 minutes exploring various components of the virtual event exclusively dedicated to Greater Palm Springs information and venues.

The CVB offered pages that mimicked what you might find in a live tradeshow - like a lobby, exhibit hall, and dedicated segments for 9 partners and the convention center.

They also included additional guidance for meeting planners like a Resource Center and 5 Steps to Success page.

The chat feature provided an additional engagement opportunity for 120 users from partners and customers.

Rick Blackburn, Vice President of Convention Sales & Destination Services, at the Greater Palm Springs Convention and Visitors Bureau, shares on the success of this exploration into virtual tradeshows, "Rob Osterberg, Director of Convention Sales, did a phenomenal job of pulling this broadcast together and it showed in the extremely positive client feedback."

DMAI's empowerMINT team is also taking its first step into a live broadcast for meeting planners during the Annual Convention in Austin with a pilot live feed to showcase meeting destinations from Texas. Depending on the outcome of the project, you may expect to see more of the same in the future for your region. If so, would you be interested? Let us know in the comments below.