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Budget for Your Success in 2014

Author: Joy Lin
Posted: November 20, 2013
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"End of year" is always a busy time for everyone. Personally, somewhere between being elbow deep in a raw turkey and tossing out the leftover eggnog (and no, it's no coincidence my activities are all food related), it hits even me that we've also all but crossed into the new business cycle with a new set of goals to hit.

Even though it often feels like we barely have a chance to celebrate a great year that we hit the road running toward another, this is therefore the perfect time to plan for your future success by taking a look at professional development activities that will drive your success in 2014.

DMAI has been happy to support DMO sales professionals in this area by providing you with two different levels of sales training specific to the destination marketing landscape.

You know how different selling a destination can be compared to another sales job:

  • You juggle a huge variety of stakeholder interests, because
  • You manage the perception of an entire destination, but
  • You do not physically own anything you sell.

So instead of tackling this on your own, let us empower you with the tangible skills to address these challenges and set you up for success. Get involved with the training opportunities your DMO community is already engaged in:

Sales Academy I

Sales Academy I offers key knowledge sharing and application for emerging sales professionals facilitated in an environment that positions the unique value proposition of the DMO to its diverse stakeholder groups with an emphasis on the meeting planner’s perspective.

Sales Academy II

Sales Academy II differs from Sales Academy I as participants engage in the session using their developed sales skills.  In this dynamic, the best practices exchange is more strategic and nuanced to meet the elevated stakes of the unique value proposition of the DMO to meeting planners and diverse stakeholder groups.

Our Evolving Roles: DMO Sales Professionals

Free for all DMO sales professionals, this webinar highlights the most important roles we fulfill for both planners and our hotel and venue stakeholders. Be both prepared and proactive at effectively manage both of our most important “customers” and join us for both engaging and intimate conversation.