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Leveraging Your Convention Sales Team: Content Creation for DMO's

Posted: November 01, 2013
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We’re back for the third installment of our series on content creation for DMO’s, and of the three, today's topic is often the path least traveled. Yes you may have guessed that I am referring to content creation for the convention & meetings side of the equation.  This can be some of the easiest and most rewarding content that you can create, as there are a variety of directions in which to go.

Here are a few ideas that worked for me when creating content for my convention sales team in Tampa.

Trip Reports - Sales Managers, coordinators, directors, and even VP’s are all very active in the selling of a destination, meaning they are always on the road at a tradeshow, making sales calls, or even out on pre-promotes.

What better way to keep your stakeholders engaged and up to-date on what you do, than a post re-cap about the activities and how those can lead to future business. If your team travels as much as mine did, then you have a built in stream of content here readily available. See a great example here from our friends at Visit Tampa Bay!

FAMS/Site Visits – This is an area where you and your team can get very creative, especially though the use of photos and even video. There’s no better way to seal the deal on a potential piece of business, than getting the planner to your destination and taking them around town and showing them why they should choose you. During the course of the day you visit hoteliers, restaurants, attractions, and potential meeting space while giving the lay of the land.

Provide a visual representation of the day by taking photos and posting to Facebook, Flickr and/ or Pinterest. A blog post thanking the planner for their time, as well as showcasing your destination to potentially other planners who may be thinking about your destination for a meeting goes along way in terms of goodwill created.

Group/Meeting In Market – Another way to show goodwill is to promote when your group or meeting is in town. A blog post or news release to show that this group is in town and how many room nights and expected economic impact  to the destination can get picked up by local media outlets, and also alert residents to welcome the visitors to town if they see them walking around. There's no better feeling for an attendee than feeling welcome in what can be an unknown place.

New/Improved Inventory – What do people love more than anything… new and improved things of course. This can exist in the form of renovations to meeting space, additional hotel rooms, or the newest Marriott Signature property located in the trendy part of town. If its new and improved, it should be showcased by you and your team.

These are just a few of the many ways to approach content for your sales staff, which you and the sales managers/coordinators can easily do. What tchniques are you using to create content for your sales team? Let us know by reaching out on Twitter, Facebook and/or Linkedin!