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Leading by Example – Surf City USA

Author: Guest Dr. Jonathon Day
Posted: February 03, 2014
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Surf City USA really gets sustainable tourism. The folks at Visit Huntington Beach realized that their long term success meant protecting the environment, and celebrating the culture of the iconic SoCal Surf City while ensuring the visitor economy remained vibrant. In other words – they recognized the importance of sustainable tourism and took an active role in promoting within the Huntington Beach Report destination.

To support industry and community adoption of sustainable tourism they produced some great materials that explain sustainability and provide action tips to visitors, business owners and the community. Steps Toward a Sustainable Huntington Beach is the result of a unique partnership of hotels, restaurants, environmental organizations, energy and gas companies, and Visit Huntington Beach, showcasing the community's efforts and encouraging others to recognize the economic viability of sustainability. 

Surf City USA and their stakeholders believe the old misconception that sustainability is bad for the bottom line is downright false. Instead, it has evolved into a vision where business, government, and the citizenry work together to protect the environment while encouraging economic growth. 

To get the sustainability guide click through here. Its’ worth the read!