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James Beard Inspired Menu Highlights the 22nd Annual Destination & Travel Foundation Dinner

Posted: March 19, 2015
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So this week we have shown you all of the beer, wine and spirit options for the 22nd Annual Destination Travel Foundation Dinner & Auction.

Whoopie Pies

By now you may be thinking that well, with all of the amazing beverage options, will there be food also? Of course there will, but we wanted to ensure that our audience would have plenty of options to wash down what is going to be an amazing menu!

If you recall last year's recipient of the Spirit of Hospitality Award was the James Beard Foundation, and our dinner menu was concepted and prepared by James Beard Nominated chef's from all over the country.

This year in working with another one of our amazing event sponsors Miles Partnership, we decided to stick with a similar theme and have a James Beard inspired menu by our own culinary team. It is as follows:

So let's do a quick recap of everything from a food and beverage perepctive for this event... local craft beer from Salt Lake City, fine wines from Monterey wine country, the national drink of Bermuda, and a James Beard inspired menu!

I am for one very much excited not only about all of these options, but a night of celebrating our industry and recongnizing Brand USA as they recieve the Spirit of Hospitality Award!

Which menu item(s) are you most looking to try? Feel free to leave your comments below!