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An Intervention: Convention Sell to Convention Help

Posted: January 08, 2014
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We're staging an intervention, people.

As DMOs, we've spent more than 100 years doing what we do best - creating customer value. Unfortunately, we're often cut out of the location sourcing process for many meeting professionals due to a variety of reaons.

Why is that?

Some of these reasons are valid. Technology has changed, responsibilities have shifted, etc. and as an industry we have to adapt to what our customers need. On the other hand, many are simply myths and misperceptions left over from a simpler era, which is why we're starting the year with an intervention webinar.

Martha Sheridan, President and CEO of the Providence-Warwick Convention & Visitors Bureau and Chair of DMAI's Board of Directors, stands up in a 30-minute live broadcast to tackle head-on the lingering misunderstandings that often prevent meeting professionals from contacting a DMO.

She is joined by Candace "Candy" Murray, Conference Planner of The International Association for Identification, to support this cause on our behalf.

All attendees will also receive 0.50 credit hours toward their CMP certification. And it's free!

Where do you come in?

Jay Baer said that the difference between helping and selling is only two letters, and that is because the best way to get a customer's attention (and keep it) is to add value to their lives.

So, if there's only one thing - one thing! - you do this year to help your customer, help your DMO industry, help your reputation as a DMO representative, it's this: Share this webinar with everyone you know.

Here's how to do it.

We've created some options for you or your marketing team to get the word out. Join us, and we can make an impact together.

Forward the email invitation to your contacts.
Copy and share the invitation link: http://bit.ly/K2RMmm
Include the webinar in your planner newsletter. All the info you need is here.
Add this banner to your meeting planner webpage and link to the registration page.