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The Future of Meetings: How Planners and Destinations are Leveraging Knowledge to Drive Attendance

Author: Jim McCaul
Posted: March 31, 2015
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Destination marketing organizations (DMOs), convention bureaus, hotels and venue owners are differentiating their meetings product in new and innovative ways in today’s knowledge economy. Primarily they’re developing broader networks of business partners and influencers, inside and outside of the tourism sector, who can deliver added value to meetings and events.

As these networks expand in scale and complexity, there’s both a growing array of challenges and solutions to connect buyers, suppliers, stakeholders and local members of a destination’s business community.

In this free report from Social Tables, sponsored by DMAI and MPI, we examine how forward thinking DMOs and their members are leveraging their databases of business and academic contacts more than ever before to help planners tap into a destination’s knowledge-based network. Destinations have always promoted their infrastructure and business travel amenities. Today, there’s a dramatic shift toward showcasing the value of collaboration and wealth of thought leadership behind the infrastructure within the destination.

One example of this, DMOs are evolving beyond their traditional roles of sales and marketing into product and economic development, by collaborating more closely with business associations and economic development organizations (EDOs) .

The end result is greater ROI for all participants. Destinations are providing a more interdisciplinary and holistic event experience that delivers higher engagement levels and expands audience reach both live and virtually. That is providing a competitive advantage for destinations and their partners in an era where it’s now incumbent on suppliers to show a strong business case for traveling to destinations for meetings and events.

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