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Four Ways DMOs Can Use Twitter Effectively for Meetings

Author: Joy Lin
Posted: January 06, 2015
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With 284 million monthly active users sending 500 million tweets per day, Twitter is the de-facto channel for users to broadcast and respond -- timely and concisely. Event planners into the hundreds of thousands have embraced this channel, whether learning from well-established voices and organizations in the industry or congregating in real-time online chats. If you're a DMO sales and marketing pro that hasn't applied Twitter toward its meetings objectives, take a minute to explore these four examples:

1. The Social Sales Pro

Malinda Harrell (@MeetMalinda) of Visit Raleigh and Tamara Whiting (@tamaraw_vstpgh) of Visit Pittsburgh are two sales professionals who share their experiences as representatives of their destinations through Twitter. As you look through their feeds, they capture their activities, thoughts, emotions and personal voice.

In this particular tweet, Malinda has shared a photo by MPI's Florida Chapter. And it's a fantastic example for several reasons. First, it's a retweet from another user. Second, it mentions several other users by name. Lastly, it uses the right hashtags for the particular event -- all of which demonstrates engagement and not using Twitter as simply a soap box.

2. The Engaging Brand

Tourisme Montreal (@MeetMontreal) leverages a dedicated meetings account on Twitter to not only engage with the meetings community, but also share destination news and resources. Striking the right balance between promotion and assistance takes time as you learn about what kinds of tweets get the desired response.

In this tweet, Tourisme Montreal retweets about the upcoming PCMA Convening Leaders to take place in Chicago. It also shares a timely, article for the New Year, and uses the same account to promote a future Montreal event.

3. The Responsive Team

Visit Austin (@MeetAustin) also uses a dedicated meetings Twitter account and has capitalized on its ability to use it conjointly with its leisure Twitter account as a visitor and convention response center.

In this tweet, Visit Austin welcomes attendees to a particular conference and encourages them to reach out for (close to) real time service.

4. The Supportive Back Up

Lastly, Visit Lousiville (@gotolouisville) shows us that it's still possible to incorporate relevant and timely tweets into your regular leisure Twitter account at the right time by supporting sales pros at the right time. It's no question that tradeshows and hashtags go hand in hand at almost all events nowadays. If your sales team is not on Twitter themselves, they are probably missing a big piece of the action.

In this tweet, Visit Louisville shares an enticing fact about the destination while providing an action item for Holiday Showcase attendees to meet with their sales team. The tweet shares information that both meeting planners and leisure travelers would find interesting, so when tweeting from a single account, Visit Louisville avoids the risk of alienating either audience.

Are you using Twitter in any other ways? Let us know how you're engaging with the meetings community online. What has worked for you and why do you think that is?