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Finding Your Customer on Linkedin: An Interview with Luis Baez of Linkedin

Posted: October 30, 2013
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As promised, we are back with another post as follow up to my trip out to eTourism in San Francisco a few weeks back. As mentioned in a previous post, this was such an engaging topic, we did not have time to take questions from the audience or allow for the presenters to get in all of the information they wanted.

So in addition to Mya Surrency's part 1 and part 2 posts on engaging meeting planners, we have a special treat in that we are keeping the conversation going digitally. Today Luis Bàez of Linkedin Marketing Solutions, joins us to answer a few follow-up questions and provide some insight on ways to make better use of Linkedin to build and maintain relationships with planners!

Luis Baez of LinkedinWhat new features have been added to LinkedIn in the past 12 month?
We've added a whole host of new features across all lines of our business - Sales Solutions, Talent Solutions and Marketing Solutions. 

Specifically for marketers, they can start taking advantage of deeper analytics for administrators of Company Pages, the ability to leverage Sponsored Updates to deliver rich content to audiences in their news feed, use SlideShare Content Ads to showcase their best content and drive thought leadership, enjoy deeper integration with Hootsuite and implement APIs to deliver rich experiences for their core audiences. 

Additional information on these solutions, as well as case studies and audience insights, can be found at marketing.linkedin.com.
What are the targeting capabilities for reaching meeting planners or tour operators Do you have B2B prospecting tips?
Marketers can deliver their message to audiences based on Industry, Function, Seniority, Geographic location, Skills, Occupation, Company Size and Titles.  They can also leverage behavioral targeting and Group targeting to hone in on niche audiences.  When looking to prospect, marketers should spend some time developing their Company Pages and make a concerted effort to keep them up to date. 

It’s important to consider tactfully surrounding the targeting audiences experience on LinkedIn leveraging a mix of media placements.  Any messaging or advertising should avoid being too salesy or gimmicky – you’re reaching an incredibly influential and affluent audience and should market as such.
If one only had  $20,000 to invest in a one month campaign to reach meeting planners or tour operators, how would you suggest they proceed?.
If a marketer has a substantial budget, it is strongly recommended they connect with a product specialist at LinkedIn to talk through their campaign objectives and success metrics.  It’s crucial to first define goals and the experience you’re looking to drive for your target audience – your Company Page should be hashed out, your website should be polished up and your content should be rich and relevant. 

I would consider employing a mix of media placements that reaches this audience at the highest points of engagement on the platform – the news feed (Sponsored Updates), the inbox (Sponsored InMail) and surrounding rich content (targeted display ads).  This mix has proven to be successful for driving leads, encouraging event attendance, generating awareness and traffic, distributing content and promoting an offer.  For case studies highlighting how marketers have leveraged these solutions, be sure to check out http://business.linkedin.com/marketing-solutions/customers.html.

Great insight by Luis, and we thank him for taking the time out of what I am sure is a very busy schedule to speak with us. What are your thoughts, and how are you using Linkedin at your DMO? Do you use Linkedin to prospect for meeting planners, tour operators, strategic partners? Talk to us on Twitter, Linkedin or Facebook and let us know your thoughts!