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The Evolving Role of Sales Professionals

Author: Joy Lin
Posted: February 19, 2014
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Two years ago, DMAI's empowerMINT team embarked on an industry-wide project to talk to as many DMO sales professionals as we could about what no one wanted to talk about, a true elephant in the room that appears whenever we engage with a meeting planner whether we're aware of it or not, and an elephant that doesn't go away just because we don't address it.

The elephant, however, isn't just one thing. It's the multitude of questions and uncertainties that planners have about our industry as a whole. It's the general confusion surrounding the DMO-to-DMO inconsistencies of our industry that planners think should be a uniform whole.

We realized however, that while DMOs are always going to do things differently from destination to destination, we accept this as a nature of our industry but still remain committed to being transparent about our uniqueness in order to build trust with our planners in the following three ways:

1. Be proactive.

I begin the conversations with my customers assuming nothing. I tell them up front what I will and will not do for them.

2. Be transparent.

I act with total transparency by consistently explaining:

  • How I handle lead distribution,
  • My organiztion's membership model or bias,
  • The size of meetings sourced and serviced by my organization,
  • My organization's funding model to clarify our motivation, and
  • How I share credit with other partners so planners don't get caught in the middle.

3. Be a champion.

I commit to promoting the value of my industry by promising to be the best first point of contact to help meeting planners find the right fit for any size meeting. This is due to our organization's comprehensive view of the destination, local expertise, and in-market relationships. And, our services also free to planners.

If you're nodding along, you're not alone. You're only one of nearly 3,000 DMO sales professionals who are tasked to deliver on this promise every day. So join the live discussion -- happening right now -- about what that exactly means.

What roles do we fulfill for our hotels and planners alike? How have they evolved, and where are they headed?

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