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DMAI Issues RFP for "Destination Next" Study

Author: Jim McCaul
Posted: October 16, 2013
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Over the next year DMAI plans to embark on a study called “Destination Next: A Strategic Roadmap for the Next Generation of Global Destination Marketing” to mark the 100 year celebration of the association and to chart the landscape for destination marketing for the next century. The study will commence in January 2014, and results will be announced at DMAI’s 100th Annual Convention, July 21-23 in Las Vegas, NV.

As DMAI celebrates its 100 years of existence – many DMOs have as well (Detroit, San Francisco, Atlanta, Vancouver and Turespana) while others are newly formed (such as Brand USA). While this history qualifies destination marketing as a mature industry, with a rich history and a legacy to celebrate, like all mature industries there are areas of concern and must evolve in this rapidly changing global marketplace.

Today’s multi-channel, highly fragmented environment provides distinct challenges and opportunities. DMOs are challenged with reconciling the disparate goals of the consumer and the industry. Consumer traveler behaviors and decision-making processes are shifting like never before, yet DMOs are handcuffed by the requirements of membership models, stakeholder demands or limited resources. In the highly competitive travel industry and with the fight for the consumer’s attention through online and offline influences (and disruptors), what are the most unique roles that DMOs can play to add value to their communities, their customers and grow the overall demand for travel?

The “Destination Next” study aims to develop rich insights into the future of the destination marketing industry, to allow DMOs to make more informed decisions to accomplish their mission and DMAI can better lead and educate the industry as a whole. Every DMO and the community it represents are unique. Therefore, the project and its possibilities will be delivered on a continuum (or along a spectrum), rather than a “one size fits all” or “franchise” approach.

DMAI has issued a request for proposals from potential vendors interested in undertaking this project. The RFP can be downloaded here. Proposals must be submitted by email by close of business on Wednesday, November 6 at 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time.