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Digitally Disoriented: What Sales & Marketing Teams Need To Know To Win Business from Today’s Digitally Oriented Meeting Planner

Author: Guest Tom Martin
Posted: July 16, 2014
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Tom Martin - Converse Digital

What if I told you that today, self-educating meeting planners are hiding behind the anonymity of the Internet and rewriting the rules of Group Meetings sales and in some cases cutting your DMO’s sales force out of the destination selection process?

Would you believe me?

Or would you say that Meeting Planners don’t use social media and Google to find and select meeting locations?

If you’re like so many DMO sales directors that I speak with, you think that meeting planners still haven’t adopted digital and that meeting planners still rely on their rolodexes and relationships not the Internet to make meeting planning decisions.

And you’d be wrong.

But don’t take my word for it. Plan to explore these questions and the opportunities associated with the role of digital resources for planning meetings at the 2015 Convention Sales Summit in Chicago.

Last year, Sonda Brown of Market Dynamics Research Group, Cindy D'Aoust of Meeting Professionals International, and I partnered with DMAI to answer four key questions:

  1. Do meeting planners use online search in the planning process?
  2. Do meeting planners use social media in the planning process?
  3. Are meeting planners self-educating via online resources?
  4. Do meeting planners want DMO’s to use social media to maintain contact with them throughout the year?

The results of the study provided believers and detractors alike with a definitive set of statistics and answers to help guide your strategic sales & marketing planning.

And we didn't stop there. Cindy brought the voice of the meeting planner onto the stage sharing real-life examples of how planners are using social media every day.

And because all of the data in the world is useless without a plan to act on it, we’ll give you one.

We’ll finish the session in Chicago with a detailed discussion of what DMO’s need to do to get on the radar of a digitally fluent meeting planner before that planner makes the key meeting destination selection decision.

We’ll introduce you to Propinquity — and explain why it might just save your destination’s prospecting program. And you’ll find out why Google isn’t the silver bullet that SEO and Content Marketing Agencies proclaim it to be today.

You’ll learn about the power of Social Reconnaissance to help you better understand your meeting planner audience(s) and even plan sales outreach to individual planners.

And finally we’ll introduce you to the concept of a Social Agent and show you how they might just be the most important customer that never books a single meeting in your destination.

If you’re looking for ways to make your destination’s sales prospecting less painful and more effective then you will have much to take back from the 2015 Convention Sales Summit in Chicago.


Tom Martin is a no nonsense, straight-talking 20-year veteran of the advertising and marketing business who favors stiff drinks, good debates and helping destinations grow visitation. 

As an internationally recognized digital marketing keynote speaker, blogger, founder of Converse Digital, and Author of The Invisible Sale, Tom marries his two passions, marketing & technology, to teach destinations how to leverage digital marketing channels to achieve and sustain sales growth, enhance brand perception and painlessly prospect for new customers. You can connect with him on LinkedIn or follow him on Twitter.