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Destination Promotion: An Engine of Economic Development Webinar Replay

Author: Guest Tourism Economics
Posted: November 13, 2014
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Our recent webinar on the new DMO industry research funded by the Destination & Travel Foundation shined a bright light on how destination promotion acts as a catalyst of economic development beyond tourism.

Watch a recording of the live broadcast and download the presentation here, as DMAI and representatives from research firm Tourism Economics, an Oxford Economics Company, and Development Counsellors International (DCI), share how investments in the visitor economy drive broad economic growth. 

The preliminary research findings are being lauded by DMO and economic development professionals as breakthrough data that can change the game for forward-thinking destinations. Find out how the work we do fuels growth across the entire economic spectrum, as well as the benefits of in-depth collaboration between DMOs and economic development agencies.

Access the full report here.


Adam Sacks, President, Tourism Economics
Andy Levine, President/Chief Creative Officer, Development Counsellors International

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Michael Gehrisch, President/CEO, DMAI