100 Years of Advancing Destinations

Deliver on an Ancient Promise in Today's World

Posted: February 04, 2014
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We're an old industry. Believe it or not, this association for DMOs (or CVBs as we used to call ourselves) is celebrating its 100th birthday this summer!

Our long-standing promise, our ancient promise as DMO sales professionals has been to be the best first point of contact to help a planner to find the right fit for any size meeting. We have the local expertise, the in-market relationships, and the comprehensive view of our destinations to help meeting planners be successful when they bring their event to our backyard.

Our promise has also been to serve in our communities, to aid them in the success of the meetings and events industry to promote local, sustainable economic growth, and drive value to hotels, meeting space, retail shops, taxi drivers, restaurants, recreation, and the list goes on.

So, fast forward 100 years. How do we continue to deliver on this promise in today's environment? Watch the presentation below to find one way to do it: