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Posted: November 25, 2013
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We've previously talked about content creation in depth via our three part series on "Content Creation for DMO's." But as Destination Marketers, our biggest assets in addition to the content that we create, is the content that we curate, or distribute if you will. What does it mean to curate content you ask? Our friends over at Curata, provide one of the best definitions on the term that we could find defined as:

Content Curation [n. kon-tent kyoo-rey-shun]

"The process of an individual (or team) consistently finding, organizing, annotating (contextualizing) and sharing the most relevant and highest quality content on a specific topic for a target market."

So let's talk curated content shall we? This type of content can exist in a variety of ways for your destination, from the standpoint of local brand ambassadors, a meeting or group in town, or simply or even in some cases, a sister destination where cross promotion efforts take place.

Say you have followers on Twitter, or local bloggers that do a great job of telling your destination story. Curating their content would mean finding and sharing that information in the most efficient manner. Not only does this help you with telling visitors about your destination, but also creates goodwill locally with the community.

Meetings and other groups you have in town can also have curated content. Lets say you have a large group in town at that developed a hashtag for their event? You can use a service such as Storify to flag and distribute that content across the web as well. Again serving not only that group, but the local community as well.

From a digital standpoint there are a lot of great tools out there, that can help you capture and distribute those great stories from the scenarios mentioned above. Here are some of my faves a long with some brief examples/descriptions of each:

  • Paper.Li - a great way to pull in and share content via twitter from your twitter following. Paper.li sorts your tweets in a newspaper like format and is very simple to setup and distribute on an automated basis. Visit Florida uses Paper.Li to source content on the many things happening in the great state of Florida!
  • Curata -A self learning content curation engine, to help you find, curate and share information on the web. Our very own Empowermint team uses this software to great effect.
  • Storify - Storify is one of my top favs simply because it allows me to group related areas together and provide one link to my audience so they can consume multiple content areas all at once. The Tampa Bay Sports Commission is a great example of using curated content to tell their destination story.
  • FlipBoard - similar in concept to Paper.li Flipbook, allows for the curation of content in a flip book or magazine type format where you can pull and curate content from a variety of sources. Visit Newport Beach is using this to curate and share content with locals.
  • YouTube - We couldn't leave out YouTube, as after all it is the 2nd largest searchine on the planet next to Google. Great opportunities to distribute your video content, and it also sources well in search ranking.
  • Google Plus - This one is slowly becoming one of my favorites for a number of reasons, but primarily for the increased liklihood that my contentwill ge tindexed and gain authority, which also helps for strong perforance in search engine results. Authorship in Google Plus and the ability to associate your content is a large contributing factor as well.
  • Twitter - this one is the simplest of the bunch as sharing content via your Twitter following is a great way to share and distribute content to the masses. The popularity of this medium makes it a go to for most DMO's.
  • E-Mail - an oldie, but definitely a goodie, in that having an engaged subscriber base is the key here so that your curated content has an audience with which it can be consumed.

So there you have, some of my favorite content curation resources that DMO's can use in their day to day. What tools are you using for content curation?