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Collaboration: What ConferenceDirect Loves About You

Author: Guest Terri Roberts
Posted: February 19, 2014
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It's no surprise to any destination sale professional that we're all seeing third-party meeting planning and management services on the rise, and we value these relationships as simply one of many channels that we work with in order to make successful meetings and events to our destinations a reality.

Beth Witzak, Global Account Executive with ConferenceDirect, recently sat down with me to share her perspective on her working relationship with DMOs. It’s clear she has one goal: providing the best level of service possible to her clients, and she clearly feels that collaboration is key. For Beth, knowledge is power, and she arms herself with local expertise gained from her DMO partners like you, as the most reliable source.

Beth has 12 years of planning experience with ConferenceDirect and both hotel and visitors association experience as well, making her a well-rounded source of information.

Be sure to take a look at Beth’s perspective and understand how you can incorporate what she values into your interactions with third-party planners in the future.

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