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Buddy2Buddy Challenge: Things You Never Thought You'd Know About Your Peers

Author: Joy Lin
Posted: May 06, 2013
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In our last issue, we announced the participants selected for the new program called the “Buddy2Buddy Challenge” that steps up their ability to break past the boundaries of traditional salesmanship and engage with their customers on a regular basis.

But who are they... I mean, really? What are they all about, and what about them makes them especially suited to take on the challenge of being a meeting planner's friend and advisor?

Delve into the following videos and find out not only what makes these sales professionals tick, but also whose personal theme song is "Sexy and I Know It," why someone would choose to be completely bald, and what makes having an extra toe so undesirable.


Kathy McAdams
Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board

Malinda Harrell
Visit Raleigh


Katie Stien
Catch Des Moines

Tamara Whiting


Jennifer Friday
Tampa Bay & Company

Anne Boon & Ryan Barth

 For more information on the Buddy2Buddy Challenge, contact Joy Lin at jlin@destinationmarketing.org.