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Becoming the RFP Consultant that Planners Love

Author: Guest Terri Roberts
Posted: February 03, 2015
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Last year, DMAI's empowerMINT team found its RFP Reconstructed planner education session (with DMOs at every table as discussion leaders) was our most heavily attended face-to-face event at all the major meeting events and conferences.

And it's not hard to see why. The RFP is in many ways a blueprint for a planner's meeting, and getting attractive and timely responses to fill in that blueprint is the first step to any successful event.

Therefore, in 2015, we're challenging all DMO sales pros to become the best RFP consultant for your destination. We're challenging you to share the nuances of local demand factors and help planners tailor their RFPs to be specific enough to elicit the best responses from the meeting locations they desire.

DMAI’s mission through the empowerMINT initiative is succinct and targeted: Educate planners on the value of working with their DMO sales professionals. Our work takes many forms of content distribution. So, to help you get started, we've created three opportunities for you to position yourself as a RFP consultant:

1. Share the RFP Reconstructed digital flipbook.

Planners have reacted overwhlemingly well to the RFP Reconstructed Handbook, produced and distributed by our partners at Northstar through Meetings & Conventions and Successful Meetings to 93,000 meeting planners.

Access the digital version, designed for you to electronically share with your planners and guide them on how to use destination expertise to get timely, complete, and competitive responses to their RFP. They will find pro tips to avoid the obstacles to successful response, and how to enlist your DMO services to do just that.

This valuable resource also includes a RFP checklist that can be referred to each time the put together an RFP, ensuring its longevity and a perpetual link to your DMO value proposition.

2. Join the free virtual session on RFP Redesign on February 19.

DMAI is taking our successful session to the virtual marketplace with our February 19th webinar.  Be sure to register and to invite your planners to attend as well.

3. Participate in the face-to-face education session at Destinations Showcase on March 25.

Step up the dialogue at Destinations Showcase to include findings from the Meeting’s Net survey Room Block and Red Flags:  How Hotelier Think.  We hope you will be front and center for our session, Navigating the Sellers’ Market with a Well-Constructed RFP.

Again, the focus of our effort in the coming weeks will be to help planners gain more knowledge and a greater understanding about how the DMO is the best first point of contact to help them find the right fit for any size meeting, and avoid the pitfalls and frustrations that are most apparent in the seller’s marketplace.

As an expert of your own destination's meetings landscape, do you have any insights on this topic? Let us know by commenting below.