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Are You Getting Vital Meeting Disclosures Before Talking Room Rates?

Author: Guest Terri Roberts
Posted: May 07, 2014
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One of the most common practices we see in the RFP world today is planners sending out requests for proposals with not much more information than the typical list of rates, dates, and space. The expectation is a direct answer to the question, "Do you have availability and what is the rate going to be?" within a matter of hours. And in today's connected world, of courses there are even services like Zentila that cater to this kind of purchase behavior.

Break the RFP Spam Cycle

Unfortunately, hoteliers have seen around a 300% increase in the number of RFPs flooding their systems due to the growth in eRFP services. Unable to qualify them all in a timely fashion, systems become backlogged with unanswered requests, or they must turn down opportunities. As a result, planners get frustrated when their RFPs get passed, when they get back incomplete proposals, or they find the dates aren’t available due to a major event or seasonality, etc. and end up sending out more RFPs to make up for such low success rates -- thus completing the RFP Spam Cycle.

At DMAI's empowerMINT, we're offering a solution to both planners and hoteliers to cut through the RFP junk: Planners should provide complete infomration about their meeting and have you advise them to craft attractive RFPs and qualify potential venues to receive them. This ultimately puts both parties in the best negotiation position possible to meet their needs.

Planner and CVB Show and Tell

The next time you talk to planners convince them to show for you to tell. First they show you what they have. They ought to give you complete meeting, attendee, history, and other vital components that are deal breakers for them. The reward for them showing, is you telling them how to get the best proposals back based on the information they provided. Thus you end up helping them to avoid wasting a lot of time going it alone.

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