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All-new Global All-Stars Innovators Showcase

Author: Guest Andrea Evans, Director of Marketing, Miles
Posted: June 08, 2015
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The Global All-Stars Marketing Institute returns for its fourth year and helps kick off the DMAI Annual Convention by showcasing the latest insights, case studies and original research surrounding leading technologies and travel trends. This session is aimed at helping attendees position their destination as world leaders in today’s ever-changing travel marketplace. The Global All-Stars Marketing Institute is a joint collaboration between DMAI and Founding/Organizing Partner Miles

Why is this session so important? According to Google research, 68% of leisure travelers generally being researching online before they’ve even decided where to travel—they know they want to get away, but they may not yet know where they want to go. That’s why it’s critical for DMOs to use the right technologies and content to inspire travelers to choose their destination over any others they may be considering. Global All-Stars brings together the latest technologies in online marketing with leading destination content marketers from around the world to ensure you have the tools you need to succeed in today’s competitive landscape. 

Attendees will not only experience firsthand the latest technologies making an impact on the travel industry, but will learn from fellow DMO leaders about what has worked—and what hasn’t—as they’ve innovated with these new trends as well as exciting content marketing initiatives. 

We think this year’s lineup of international guest speakers is our best so far, and we hope you’ll join us for this can’t-miss event on July 15 at 1:30pm. Read on to learn more about what you can expect at this year’s Global All-Stars.

Technology Innovators 

This year’s session will open with presentations from leading technology trendsetters including Google, Travel by Drone and Georama. Each will present their newest tools in online video, virtual reality and mapping and showcase ways that DMOS of all sizes and budgets can implement these technologies to market their destination in groundbreaking new ways. 

Here are some highlights:

  • Google’s Travel Account Planner Laura Castillo will take us on a global tour of their latest technologies and solutions including next-generation video, mapping and virtual reality. For a closer look into Google’s foray into virtual reality, check out Google Cardboard
  • Nihal Advani, founder and CEO of Georama, will cross live to the streets of Austin to highlight live streaming video in action and discuss how any DMO can become an instant broadcaster. Can’t wait for Global All-Stars? Go on a Vicarious Georama Experience to see the new technology in action now. 
  • Preston Ward of Travel by Drone will showcase Drone technology with examples from across the planet and lead a practical discussion of the issues and best practices in “taking to the air.” Travel by Drone’s interactive map showcases destinations worldwide that currently have drone footage, including this great video of Namibia

Content Innovators 

The second half of Global All-Stars focuses on how content can drive results through smart marketing strategies and forward-thinking campaigns. Breakthrough DMO visionaries from Costa Rica, Canada and the USA will highlight world-leading campaigns and content programs—reflecting what worked, and what didn’t. 

Participants in our Destination Panel will include:

  • Costa Rica Tourism Board’s Director of Marketing, Alejandro Castro, who will introduce their uber-fun, groundbreaking “Save the Americans” Campaign. Check out this video of Costa Rica’s animals singing about the tragedy of overworked Americans.
  • Destination British Columbia’s Maya Lange will present their first experience with immersive virtual reality, and their Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard solutions. Here’s a sneak peek into the making of their The Wild Within VR experience.
  • David Downing of the Visit St. Pete Clearwater will present their April Fool’s Campaign, and the benefits and pitfalls of innovative, fun campaigns and content programs. Have you ever spotted the elusive St. Pete Manaphin? Here’s a behind-the-scenes look into the Making of the Manaphin.

After Global All-Stars, be sure to stop by the special Innovators Immersion Lab on the Business Exchange floor to experience many of these technologies firsthand, including additional demos from Georama and Travel by Drone—not to mention a chance to fly a mini drone yourself! You’ll also be able to immerse yourself in virtual reality with Destination BC’s Wild Within Oculus experience, or by picking up a free Google Cardboard to test drive all of the latest Google-endorsed VR experiences.