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90,000 Chances for Planners to Understand Your Value

Author: Joy Lin
Posted: January 08, 2013
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Over 90,000 copies of a special, 32-page supplement called "The CVB Value Proposition" landed on the desks of meeting planners everywhere in December 2012 with Successful Meetings and Meetings & Conventions Magazine, kicking off DMAI's new media coop orgram.

Twenty-two DMOs supported this special supplement that highlighted the industry's brand promise as the best first point of contact to help meeting planners find the right fit for any size meeting. It also included articles that educate planners on services, structure, and insider tips on partnering effectively with these DMOs.

For information on more opportunities to speak directly to meeting planners on the work that you do in your destinations, please stay tuned for a DMAI announcement on future media coop opportunities at the end of January.

"The CVB Value Proposition" supplement (Right) covered the following topics: Defining CVB Value (Providing Free Services, Member vs. Non-member Structures), Finding the Perfect Fit (Comprehensive Destination Knowledge, RFP Process, Site Inspections), Logistics (Local Expertise, Leveraging In-Market Relationships, Services Provided), Meeting Planner Testimonials, the DMO Group Sales Channel, Event Impact Calculator, empowerMINT.com