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Top 7 DMO Costumes for Halloween

Author: Joy Lin
Posted: October 31, 2013
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Ah, Halloween.

The one day of the year where we celebrate the sinister side of things. Honestly, I think we all enjoy something a little dark about our individual personalities, and the same can be said about our industry and the various "evil powers" that we could dabble in if we wanted to.

Here are 7 of DMAI's favorite Halloween costumes for DMOs. Which one do you identify with most?


Stewards of Magic

When not busy avoiding getting burned at the stake, witches have access to some of the world's darkest and most powerful secrets and spells. Especially adept at concocting new ways to market their destination, a DMO of the witch variety is always experimenting, in addition to keeping to its traditional tricks.


Preserved Power

As a relic of Egyptian funereal customs, mummies moan and groan their way to remind us that no matter how much time passes, we're still on their turf. DMOs who would dress up as mummies are long-standing organizations that may appear dormant, but very little is needed to awaken their power. Silent but steady, these DMOs largely fly under the radar until they can make the biggest smash.


Builders of Empires

When are vampires not busy taking over the world? With their notable skill for transforming regular mortals into night-crawling bloodsuckers, vampires are especially skilled at building a united race. Likewise, vampire DMOs keep their cult following drinking the blood -- I mean Kool-Aid, whether within their local communities or nuturing their traveling public.


Rulers of the Dark

Believed to be the keepers of hell, devils and demons are best known to preside over the doomed. DMOs of this Halloween personality have a proactive hand in manging and developing their destination product. Their elevated standing gives them great leverage to make huge impact with the tools that they have -- even if it means using a pitchfork now and then.


Reconstructed Life

As a monster, Frankenstein is a result of a mad scientist who wanted to play God. Reconstructed out of various dead body parts, he actually finds himself looming larger than life in many ways. A DMO with a Frankenstein personality often finds itself as a combination of different initiatives and organizations integrated over time. Developing new ways to coordinate all its different moving parts with the help of some handy lightning bolts in a dark laboratory, this DMO ends up making a fan-favorite legacy for itself.


Lingering Spirits

Considered to be the essence of a departed human, ghosts remain in the world of the living often due to some unfinished business or for the fun of haunting. DMOs with ghost personalities are the proverbial watchdogs of their destinations. Highly protective of their territory, this particular DMO is skilled at spooking off trespassing competition.



As the bipolar monster, the werewolf is a former human who due to a bite or scratch from another werewolf, will change its form and behavior with the moon. Disguised at all other times like a regular human, werewolves are particularly hard to identify. DMOs with a leaning towards werewolves are those that go about their business in a usual way, only to come together with their pack and turn the industry on its head once a month. DMAI welcomes many a werewolf-like DMO to serve on boards, committees, and task forces on your behalf.

Bonus! Head in Bed

Creepy Counts

By popular demand and the genius mind of Joe Vargo of Experience Columbus, no one can deny that finding a Head in Bed will probably be the scariest thing you could possibly live through, and even that's not guaranteed. On the other hand, Head in Bed DMOs are those that both live and die by their metrics. Taking a scientific approach to their activities, their success is propelled by clearly defined goals and measureable results.

Here's to wishing you a fabulously monstrous Halloween, and let us know what your DMO would dress up as this year on Facebook!