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4 Things to Know About the New Meeting Planner Blog

Author: Joy Lin
Posted: July 24, 2013
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After an endless amount of billable hours, the completely redesigned empowerMINT blog is in beta! This is a result of our delirium when it finally went live:

(We gave Stephen some extra time off. Trust me.)

With the vast majority of meeting planners depending heavily on their own online research, as shown by our annual meeting planner survey, the empowerMINT blog is the only presence online dedicated exclusively to aggregating all DMO information in the meetings market, surrounding it with new educational materials on a regular basis, in order to optimize for our collective online presence.

This kind of work cannot be done by any individual DMO, and it's DMAI's mission to provide that kind of exposure for you through empowerMINT.

So here are four things to know about the new blog and how it's working for you.

1. There's a lot of stuff.

The entire top menu shows the kinds of messages that we create on an ongoing basis, whether it's through Shimo's blog posts about relevant topics in the industry, six different types of educational content, or feature destination profiles, there's plenty to planners to dig into, and plenty for you and your sales teams to start sharing.

2. Your destination news is automatically updated.

We've infused our blog with the power of Curata, a service that dynamically scrapes your press releases for meetings related information and pulls it into your destination profile. All information is screened prior to posting in order to account for accuracy.

3. You highlight your expertise.

DMOs have unparalleled local expertise, in-market relationships, and a comprehensive view of their destinations. That they are free make them the logical partner to planners. Our blog gives you the opportunity to create your own messages and share them through our platform.

4. Everything drives planner interaction.

Our information is dynamic in order to encourage planners to reach out to you whether through phone or email, our quick connect service, or visiting your own websites.

But don't take our word for it. Check it out for yourself.

We'll be spending the next few months updating all 130 of our featured destination profiles, so if you haven't provided us with any content be it in the form of blogs, webinars, or videos, please contact Terri Roberts at troberts@destinationmarketing.org. Visit the empowerMINT blog now.