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2013 eTourism Summit, A Moderator's Perspective

Posted: October 21, 2013
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Recently I was invited to attend the eTourism Summit in San Francisco, as I was fortunate enough to be asked to moderate and introduce a panel of industry experts on the topic of Digital Marketing & Social Media to Reach Meeting Planners, which coincidentally is one of my favorites.

If you have not been to the eTourism Summit before, then I highly suggest you add it to your travel budget for next year, as the lineup of speakers and education sessions are second to none in our industry when it comes to all things digital. Going back to my Visit Tampa Bay days, this was my fourth time attending the conference, and each time prior I was always able to bring back actionable items and ideas from a digital marketing standpoint.

This year's event was separated into three tracks:

I spent most of my time in the Socialize sessions, as I wanted to focus my energy on the rise of certain social media platforms, and how those and other traditional ones are affecting search engine marketing in today's ever changing landscape.

Jeremy Fairley, DMAIThere was also great sessions on Vine/Instragram marketing, as well as blogger outreach, which of the two, the latter is becoming more and more of a hot topic these days. Plenty of takeaways from this particular track, but my belief that social media is far from a novelty item and it should be greatly integrated into your marketing mix were affirmed.

As I mentioned earlier in addition to being an attendee, i was invited to moderate and intro a panel discussion for a topic that is a hot topic within our industry. Our topic was Using Digital Marketing & Social Media to Reach Meeting Planners, and on the was John Reyes, Mya Surrency, and Luis Bàez. Luis Bàez, an Account Executive with the Linkedin Marketing Solutions team, brought the perspective of one of the most popular social media outlest for working professionals. John Reyes is currently the EVP Chief Customer Officer at San Francisco Travel, and has over 30 years of executive travel industry experience, most recently as president and CEO of the Monterey County Convention & Visitors Bureau. Known for developing engaging brands and driving results, Mya Surrency brings more than 10 years of marketing experience specializing in travel and tourism. at the eTourism Summit last week in San Francisco. 

Mya and John tag teamed the presentation as they spoke about some of the results of a recent campaign Smith and Surrency completed with San Francisco Travel, and some of the insights during that and other points were eye opening to say the least.

With this being such a hot topic, there was tons of great information to be shared by the panelists and ideally this would have been a two-hour session, but we quickly realized that was not the case and were pressed to get all of the information presented within the timeframe. So having said that, be sure to stay tuned in for following blog posts where Mya and Luiz will continue the conversation via our blog, and we invite you to continue the conversation with us online!

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