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10 reasons why you should not attend DMAI's Annual Convention

Author: Jim McCaul Guest Blogger
Posted: June 05, 2015
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Here's a list of 10 good reasons why you should not be attending DMAI's 2015 Annual Convention in Austin, TX.

1. You’d rather reminisce about the good old days: DMOs find themselves in a hyper-competitive global marketplace, with an incredible pace of change. But you'd rather sit around and daydream about the days when creating a marketing plan meant producing a two-page spread for print and a poster for the annual travel show.

2. You’re not really a “people person”: You stumbled into the hospitality industry; it had nothing to do with the fact that you enjoy social engagement. And besides with today’s technology, you don’t need face time with a person to actually develop a business relationship. You’ll just add them on LinkedIn. 

3. You’ve got this content marketing thing covered: There’s going to be a gathering of some of the most respected travel influencers at the event? Big deal. You don’t need to connect with them.

4. You prefer to “Keep it Normal”: Free thinking innovation is not your style. You’ve heard about the culture in Austin. “Keep Austin Weird”? No thank you.

5. You’re a Jeopardy purist: A computer was able to defeat its human counterparts in Jeopardy? And that computer is now driving a travel search and insights company? I’d prefer not to hear what that company’s CEO has to share. Computers don’t belong on Jeopardy!

6. You suffer from musical anhedonia: Live Music Capital of the World? Not interested. Live band karaoke? That’s my idea of torment. 

7. You prefer to go it alone: You don’t need to connect with the over 100 companies exhibiting at the event. You’ve always preferred the lone wolf strategy and don’t need their solutions. 

8. You spent the last 3 weeks decorating your cubicle: And you couldn’t bear to leave it now for three whole days!

9. You’re related to your local representative: Destination marketing budgets are facing increased competition from other government priorities for funding. But your legislative representative is family, so you don’t have to worry about that!

10. You’re pretty sure this whole shared economy thing is just a fad: No need to worry or get involved with that. It will pass. Just like that whole social media craze did.